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BIG Refrigeration


Air-Con Engineers



If your business relies on Refrigeration or air-con, we are Northland NZ's Large Scale Refrigeration Maintenance and Compliance specialists.

We keep Coolstores, Commercial and Industrial operations and ships running on a range of systems from different eras and technologies.

We also help architects and builders design better airflow for residential and commercial buildings.

We want to help you understand and plan what the next 5 years might look like for your system.

We are available to work with businesses on WOFs, checks, repairs and maintenance plans.

If you are interested in a chat sooner rather than later about getting your own consistent refrigeration engineer  and feeling more confident about your refrigeration system, we've worked out some cost effective ways to get you sorted.

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We can help you asses, understand, fix, maintain and track your refrigeration system to keep it running smoothly, as long as possible.

Downtime is Disaster

Maintenance and upgrades are always going to cost less than downtime disasters. If you have a coolstore, it better stay cool or that is just bucks lying on the floor!

Check it, or wreck it

Longer lasting systems save you on equipment costs. Let us check out your system and see whats going on, so we can put together a detailed report on your system, the core elements and what you can prioritise over time.

Bring on an Engineer

Having a regular refrigeration engineer onboard also means that when it comes time for a replacement - or a rescue! - we can cut that downtime through familiarity and planning.

Feel more confident in the technology your business relies on, and take control of your system - don't wait for it to surprise you!

The BIG FRIDGE Approach

As trained engineers, we go beyond basic installation and look at optimising systems. Every business has different needs and equipment, and our aim is to provide you with access to expert skills and assistance for long-term viability. 

Aircon and refrigeration aren't the most sexy part of any business, but they are vital to a good operation and so often are overlooked - out of sight, out of mind. They can function well for years, but when they break - things get very expensive and costly very fast!

We want to make sure that Northland businesses that rely on their refrigeration systems have access to the information and expertise that will allow them to plan and maintain their refrigeration effectively - so you don't get any shocks or disasters down the line.

Our yearly WOF is a cost effective and easy first step to take toward confidence in your system, and our ongoing maintenance and upgrade services allow you to plan growth, upgrades or replacements in a smarter way.


We are not here to sell you more equipment, we are here to make sure that you have the right setup and maintenance to keep you running as long as possible with your available resources.


Talk to us about how we can give you peace of mind that you have an expert looking out for your business interests.

Give us a call or book in a WOF so we can see where you are at.

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