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Fishing Net

Marine Refrigeration

We keep you working on the high seas

  • Competent to work on all Freon and Ammonia based refrigeration plant 

  • Experienced in brine tanks, bait and storage freezers

  • Blast freezing and chilling

  • Design, maintenance and service work


We’ve seen it all

From water chillers, process coolers, blast freezers, freeze driers up to abattoirs running on tons of ammonia across multiple suction groups we have the experience and solutions for your business.


Regulations do change

With the current government phase down of HFC refrigerants this can have significant cost implications for sites using these gasses. Due to the substantial increases in price of these refrigerants while they are still on the market, maintenance is now imperative to ensure early detection of leaks and prompt rectification of issues.


Plan for parts and refrigerant future availability

With the international goal of moving away from these refrigerants, succession plans need to be put in place for this equipment. Big Fridge is experienced with all natural refrigerants including CO2, Ammonia and hydrocarbons and can retrofit low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants to any application or build new equipment to stand the test of time.

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