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Have you booked a yearly W.O.F.?

Getting a yearly WOF for your refrigeration or air-con system is the most cost effective, pro-active way to understand your system's condition. Head-off trouble early so you can plan for your yearly budget and needs.

Sadly, so often when we are called for emergencies, the cost and downtime could have been avoided by early intervention.

Our WOF will give you a detailed report on your systems condition and operation, which gives you the insight into how things are going.

We can plan a day with you to go through your plant and system and do checks like the following;

  • Condition of equipment

  • Likely issues to expect

  • Refrigerant retrofit options

  • Refrigerant and oil condition analysis

  • Performance optimization

  • Hazards

  • Future parts/supplies availability for system


And much more, depending on your setup.

Ammonia valve, commissioning pressure co

Only $600 a year for peace-of-mind, planning and support. There is no obligation with a WOF to purchase any further services.


We put you in control of your budget and spend by making sure you have the qualified information you need. We can also provide further services if you wish or you can manage your own repairs and contractors at your discretion. The main thing is that you are taking steps to safeguard your investment and your health and safety.

Complete an enquiry form with a few details and we will be in touch soon!

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