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 Large Residential Air-con 

Air Conditioning


Air-conditioning has become the predominant means for temperature control in our homes. Due to the lower running costs and ability to cool as well has heat, air-conditioning has become a preferred option. Given the cost of the equipment and the labour involved with installation, it is critical that a system is well engineered for its environment.


Things you don’t think about


There are many aspects to air-conditioning systems that are often overlooked, although most can heat of cool there are often undesirable side effects such as:


  • Drafts

  • Noise and vibrations

  • Poor air distribution

  • Poor temperature distribution

  • Poor temperature control

  • Condensation

  • Blocked drains

  • Poor serviceability

  • Ice ups

  • Poor ventilation


Quality Custom Solutions Around Your House


We are able to design custom systems that will suit your lifestyle, building and budget that will not give these issues. We have the expertise and experience to also modernize existing equipment for extended service life.


We are able to service and maintain any system from a wall mounted heat pump to a central plant system.

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