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Commercial Refrigeration

Marine Refrigeration

  • Competent to work on all Freon and Ammonia based refrigeration plant 

  • Experienced in brine tanks, bait and storage freezers

  • Blast freezing and chilling

  • Design, maintenance and service work


Refrigerant leak detection

With more carbon tax costs higher than ever on common refrigerants the cost of losing gas charges is now considerable.

We use the most powerful leak detectors and install high performance, multi-channel systems for early warning and low-level leak detection.

Detection monitors integrated into plant control systems to shutdown equipment and recover refrigerant


Electrical and Automation


Being registered electricians and electrical inspectors, Big Fridge has a comprehensive grasp on your electrical for refrigeration and HVAC requirements.

Proficient in the installation and programming of variable speed drives to increase efficiency and capacity of equipment, how does 20% capacity increase sound on your compressor?

Experienced in all commercial and industrial electrical systems from distribution boards, supervisory systems and plant automation.

Commercial refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration services cover the maintenance, servicing and installation of refrigeration equipment in cool stores, butcheries, pack houses, restaurants etc.



Periodically checking refrigeration plant to ensure correct operation and equipment running as efficiently as possible. Small repairs, cleaning and rust treating can be carried out during checks along with any small adjustments. Significant defects are detailed in a report and solutions to rectify are proposed and discussed with the customer.



Refrigeration breakdowns are generally a significant disruption to a business. We are able to repair equipment that has failed and get equipment running again quickly. The team is well experienced, carries a good stock of parts and refrigerants.



We are able to supply and install equipment for all applications. We have a strong supplier network who we collaborate with to provide you the highest quality solution with the greatest long term reliability.

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